Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 14

Today was a good day.  I went to the 9:25 class, and brought the girls with me.  They did great!  All I had to tell them was that if they got off the bench then they would get hit in the head with a big bar and bleed everywhere.  It worked fabulous!!  So today's WOD was AMRAP in 20 mins of 10 push press (45 lbs), 10 box jumps (tan box!), and 20 sit ups. I did 5 full rounds!!!  I was sweating more than I ever have thus far.  That makes for a good day:)

Also did Zumba tonight for enrichment!

B- Activia, beef jerky
L- 2 clemetines,, bowl of chili
D- fruit and veggie plate, meat, bean, cheese nachos

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