Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 13- Week 4

WOD was 400 m run, 20 KB snatches, 3x's.  I won't lie, the running kills me.  I did 20 lb with the KB and did ok.  I love the warm ups too!  Today I also experienced dead lifts for the first time and did pretty good.  Started with 65lbs, then worked my way up to 105 lbs!  Baby steps. I am starting on my 4th week and can't believe it!  Time really does fly.  Not seeing physically any results, except the way I feel.  I feel better about myself, and can feel my body getting stronger and more daring to try new things.  Loving it still!

B- bowl of oatmeal with milk and mango smoothie
L- chunky soup
D- chili w/cheese, cornbread.  YUMMY:)

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