Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 4

They say Endurance Day, I say OMG What The Hill Did I Commit To Day! Running. Never been fond of it, liked it, or wanted to do it.  Today's WOD was 1600m, 3 min rest..... 1200m, rest 2 min..... 800m, rest 1 min..... 400m then DONE!!! I ran the whole thing! Took me total,with rests, 33:44. First time, so we will see if I can beat it next time around. Just glad to be done with that!

B- 2 eggs, 8 oz berry boost, 4 oz milk :)
L- 4 oz steak, 10 raw carrots :)
D- 1 slice Canadian bacon & pineapple pizza, big veggie salad, glass of orange punch, cookie :(

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