Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 1- Week 1

This is my 1st day of my new( workout.  I am so nervous for 5:30 to come!  I already tried this type of workout, and was so sore for days, and realized for the first time in my life how weak physically I really am.  Nate already went to today's workout and enjoyed it.  But that is just him.  He needs and thrives on the hardcore gym settings.  He will do really well.  Me on the other hand, am just plain scared.  We will see what tonight brings.  All my fitness tests say I'm normal and am in a healthy BMI range, but I definitely don't feel normal. My body is just craving a GOOD change, and I think this will be it.

Red means RED ALERT! Time to change those areas.
So had my first workout.  Consisted of 25 pull ups, 35 push ups, 45 sit ups, and 60 squats!  Yes, I died.  But have a huge, HUGE desire to do MORE!
Measurements: (not Naked)
H 5' 10"     Weight 156     Waist 31"     Hips 41"     Thigh 23 1/2"     Calf 14"

Bi 11 1/2"      Chest w/ bra 37"     

B- leftover strawberry shortcake :(
L- leftover country fried steak and potato with raw carrots :(
D- 6oz steak, salad :)


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